Monday, February 28, 2011


First of all, I want to go ahead and warn everyone that this is
going to be the longest blog post I have ever done. So it's your
own fault if you start reading will take you a while. Second,
I want to explain WHY Ferran and I decided to take a trip to
Minneapolis (IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER?!?!?!) This trip was all
because of our sweet friend Danielle. We all grew up together so
we've known each other our whole lives. Basically we knew each
other from the womb...but seriously. After high school, Danielle moved
to Texas to be a part of the Teen Mania ministry, where she met her
future husband. So since high school we haven't got to see each other more
than once a year, if that. Danielle and Jordan got married in Sept. of 2008
and after the wedding they moved to Minneapolis (Jordan is originally from
Minnesota). So for the last 7 years Danielle has lived in a different state so
we rarely get to see her. Being the GREAT friends that we are, we decided
to make a little trip up North IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER (in case you didn't
get that point already).

Ok....we look awful in this picture. I know. You're probably thinking
why in the world would you post this. Ferran and I arrived in Minneapolis
at like 10:45 pm on Thursday night. Traveling always wears you out so
you can imagine how tired we were. Not to mention I HATE FLYING.
So I had been a nervous wreck the whole day. Then about the time we were
supposed to leave from Nashville, tornado warnings start. Then we get on
the plane and the pilot says, "I'm sorry folks we've had some mechanical issues
but don't worry its taken care of now." I mean really? REALLY? I'm like straight
panic mode now. Then he says because of the weather its going to be a bumpy
ride. Could it get any worse?!?! The plane takes off and its definitely a bumpy ride
to say the least. And I have been craving a chocolate chip cookie for about an
hour at this point. Then much to my suprise, what is Frontier serving on our flight?
You guessed it....CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!! I was pumped. I said this has
to be a good sign so my nerves were calmed a little bit by the little cookie treat. :)
Wow, I just got way off track on this post. But anyways....all that to say we were worn
out when we got to Danielle's apartment. But that didn't stop us from staying up until
2:30 AM talking, laughing, and catching up. So we had to take a picture to document
our fun first night together.

On Friday we went to the Mall of America. HOLY COW! We didn't
come close to visiting the whole mall. It was huge. Way bigger than the
mall in Cookeville. LOL If anyone knows the mall in Cookeville, it is now
a big empty building with one store in it.

Even though Frontier Airlines gave me a chocolate chip cookie on the
flight to MN, I was left wanting more. So we stopped at Nestle in the mall
for a little snack.

Ok I need to explain this story....We were just walking around the mall,
had just finished eating lunch and these 4 high school guys approach us.
They asked if we would care to be in a video with them for their Spanish
class. They said all you have to do is slap us. Seriously? Slap a complete
stranger? Who would do that? We would!! At first we were hesitant but
then we decided we would help them out. Ferran went first. They had to
do her scene a couple of times because they kept saying it wasn't beliveable.
She wasn't slapping him hard enough.

I love this picture because apparently this guy thought Danielle was
going to knock him out. Look at his face and she hasn't even slapped
him yet. hahaha

Well I went last and just to justify my actions, this guy that I slapped
kept saying Slap him harder! Slap him harder! (when Ferran and Danielle
were slapping the other guys) So before our "scene" I gave him a fair warning
and said that I wasn't backing down and since he kept saying Slap him harder to
the other guys, he was going to get it the worst. Well believe me he did!!! I actually
felt really bad afterwards. His whole face was red and my hand was throbbing. Notice
the position of my body and his face. You can tell I put my whole body into it. Poor
Little Guy. Oh well, he asked for it. Right?

This picture was taken at Jordan and Danielle's apartment before
going on our carriage ride.

We went on a carriage ride through Minneapolis. What was the temperature
you ask? Oh it was nothing really....just 3 Degrees!! But in all honesty, it didn't
feel that cold. They gave us a huge blanket to cover up with. Ferran and I also
wore our husbands hunting socks to keep our little toes warm. So it wasn't as
miserable as it might sound. We actually LOVED it. It was so much fun and so
so so pretty.

Ok for some reason we thought these next few pictures were hillarious.
We all took an individual and then put this border around it. Does anyone
else out there think they are as funny as we do?

Ferran had to get her "oven mitts" as we like to call them in the picture.
These are the gloves that Danielle let her borrow. And obviously, you can
tell why we called them Oven Mitts.

The serious, distance shot. Classic

Danielle's sweet friend Kayley went with us on the carriage ride and to
eat that night. She was a lot of fun. She probably thought we were crazy.
We told her tons of stories on Danielle and laughed the whole night. We
were glad we got to meet her. And I just want to add...that these two
Minnesotians complained about the cold weather more than we did. :)
Saturday morning we got up to go eat breakfast at Hell's Kitchen. This
picture is just taken downtown as we were walking to breakfast.
Thank you Danielle for capturing this photo. I love it.
Self explanatory.
On weekends, the waiters and waitresses wear pajamas. This guy
had the best ones for obivous reasons.
After Hell's Kitchen we went to Macy's and Target downtown. I love
this picture. Too funny.
Two story Target= Every girl's dream. We were amazed at the
escalator for the cart. Small town girl's I guess. :)

Quick pic in the Sky Way

And another....
Ok these pictures are funny to me too. We went up to the 12th floor
of the Macy's building and literally sat in the bathroom for probably
30-45 minutes. We were worn out so we just needed a little break. So
these next few pictures are in the Macy's bathroom.
Sooooo....Ferran took this picture and she told me to do the LA sign.
(Livingston Academy for those of you who didn't go to high school with
us). Too bad we were all too tired to notice that it was backwards.
Danielle had purchased this belt the day before for only $4.80. It literally
fell off of her about every 15 minutes. We would just be walking along and it goes. We had just sat down inthe bathroom and there it went.
We had to get a picture of it.
Ferran likes to call her Danny Tanner.
Just a couple pictures of the city.

We wanted to see the Vikings stadium even though we're not really
Vikings fans. Here's a picture outside the Metrodome.

Ferran and Danny Tanner outside the Metrodome (Just for you
Ferran thought this picture was hillarious. We saw this bike "all snowed in"
one day and Ferran kept saying that she wanted to get a picture of it. So
after we left the Vikings Stadium, Danielle pulled the car over and let Ferran
run and take a quick pic.
Our last night there, Saturday, we went to Gutherie Theater to take some
pictures. Jordan a.k.a Gordon Bombay (as Ferran called him...I'm not sure
how she comes up with these names but its pretty funny) went with us this
night and took pictures for us. He was such a good sport. Not only for taking
our pictures, but for putting up with us while we were singing Nsync and Backstreet
Boys, while we were up at all hours giggling, and for watching senior memories with
us. :) Thanks Gordon

Just a picture of the city.
Typical us
As you've noticed from my other blog posts, my friends and I love playing
the...On the count of 3 say someones name or on the count of 3 say an
emotion. This one was 1.....2......3.....SCARED
Fiesty aka Ferran
Benchwarmers..... This one was hard for me because I was never a
benchwarmer. ha ha ha I kid I kid.
Just us
1.....2.....3.......4th Grade Smile
Us again
Our sweet hosts. Thank you both so much for letting us come visit.
We had such a great time. We can't wait to see you guys again this
Ok I had to end with this picture. So we were eating at Chino Latino's
(which was great I must add) and Ferran starts dancing at the table.
She's trying to be funny while doing this dance move with her hands. It
was kind of a put one hand up in front of your face at a time move. Well
I notice several ppl around the place looking at her and laughing which was
hilarious. Then I notice this guy right beside us and his date cracking up. We
end up talking to him and his date said that that was his favorite dance move
then he demonstrates. It was funny because Ferran was just being silly but
this guy thought she was serious and was pumped because it was his
favorite move. haha


  1. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't read it ALL, but I'm commenting!! lol I'm sorry you were so nervous! Your pictures were cute! :)

  2. I did read it all...every word!!! Looks like you had sooo much fun!! Glad you were able to make it back home from the frozen tundra!!

  3. I did read EVERY word!!!! Megan, we need to have a talk about how you do not enjoy life. I am very concerned for you!!! I think another trip to Henderson is needed to discuss this! Love you! Glad you had a great trip!

  4. Julison I forgive you for not reading every word. I never read other people's blogs if the posts are extremely long. I just look at pictures. :)

    Thanks everyone for the sweet comments. Becky- Im confused at your comment on how I do not enjoy life. I'm sorry. I think I'm having a blonde moment because I dont get it lol