Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Beef? What in the world is Beef you might ask? That's my best friend. Not
as in the meat beef is my best friend. But as in my best friend, Ferran. Why
do I call her Beef? Thats a good question and for some reason as I'm typing
this right now my mind has gone blank. But if I happen to remember the
meaning behind it, I will let you know. I do know that I call her Beef and she
calls me Frank. As in Beef Frank or BF. Oh yeah now I remember. It's not
really that funny and it would be a long story that no one would really care
about so we will just leave it as BF= Best Friend and BF=Beef Frank...as in US.

What prompted this blog post? Well I got an email from Ferran yesterday and
all it said was, "Please update your blog. I need something to read at work today."

Since there's not a whole lot going on with me to tell about, I decided to give her
blog post she would enjoy. A blog post about her.

I really just want to give you a few reasons why we're best friends.

#1... My husband loves her ALMOST as much as he loves me.

#2. She fits in well with MAKM even though the F would
never work. FAKM just doesn't have a ring to it, but
either way...MAK approves of her.

#3. We both love the movie Baby Momma. And we're both
a little redneck whether we're in wedding attire or jeans &

#4 She loved her bachelorette party gift from me. haha

#5. We have matching wedding rings. We think Adam and Wes
got a buy one get one free deal but they won't admit to it.

#6 We're so intimidating that no one would dare mess with us.

#7 We rock this look

#8 We can say "Curls Gone Wild"

#9 We go back to high school football games together
(ok I think this was like one time we went together but
thats ok). Maybe I should just say that we both love

#10 We're 25 and we still act like this all the time.
When we're together, our husbands say they married

12 year olds and we're ok with that. :)

#11 We keep our cool when meeting famous people

#12 We have to pretend fight because we never really fight

#13 We climb rock walls together

And there are a million other reasons why she's my best friend, but

our frienship goes back to the days before a digital camera. Therefore,

since I don't have my photo albums handy right now, I can't put up

any really good, old school pictures.

Ferran I hope you have enjoyed this blogpost. Love you and thanks for

being a best friend!

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  1. This is sweet. I guess I'll start calling her BEEF now.

    "Beef it's what's for dinner." I wish I could have her for dinner.....wait.