Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our first Cruise

Wes and I went on our first cruise back in September. (yes I know, I'm
really behind). We weren't sure how we would like it and I was afraid I
might get motion sickness, but we were wrong. We both loved it. I think
it was a good length too. It was a 5 day cruise and I think thats plenty of
time. We had a pretty long vacation over all though. We left on a Friday
and didn't get back home until the following Sunday. I will post another
entry of the trip after the cruise, but for now it's just the cruise.

We left out of Tampa on the Carnival Inspiration. I think that is actually
one of the smaller Carnival ships but there was still plenty to do. The food,
like everyone says, was awesome. I think I gained 10 lbs but thats ok...It's
vacation, right? :) Soft serve ice cream 24/7...they sure did know the way
to my heart. There were water slides, putt putt golf, comedy clubs, casinos,
musicals, games, entertainment, etc. Wes and I spent most of our days on
"adult" part of the ship. This was a no kids allowed deck. Now dont get me
wrong I LOVE kids, but it was so relaxing. We just plopped down on a lawn
chair and could fall asleep because it was so peaceful and the view was
gorgeous. We will definitely be taking another cruise. Here's some pictures
from the trip.

This was the first night on the ship...well actually just a few
hours after we boarded. The sunset was gorgeous.

That's my husband just chillin....I love him. :)

Our first stop was Grand Caymen. This picture was on the
7 mile beach. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was so
much prettier than it looks.

Grand Caymen is famous for the town of Hell. Let me tell
you a little about Hell. It is literally one building with a post
office. haha We did send our parents "postcards from Hell."

Another picture in Grand Caymen....beautiful water

I just thought this was a cool picture

A night on the boat

The port in Cozymel. We both absolutely loved Cozymel. We had
the best time there. We both said we want to go back...not a cruise
the next time, but for a week.

We did a Dune Buggy excursion in Cozymel and we were so
glad that we did. It was awesome. We drove these little
dune buggies about 30 minutes to Punta Sur and we snorkeled,
visisted Myan ruins, a crocodile swamp, and light house. These
little things go a lot faster than you would think.

On the dune buggy about to take off

This was our waiter, Jose. He was the man.

Our last night on the boat, Beautiful sunset. It was a perfect
end to a perfect trip.

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